One-On-One Coaching Sessions that Will ACTUALLY Help

When you pay for a coach, you want RESULTS. Elisabeth is here to show you a foolproof video marketing strategy that will increase your reach and visibility times 10. With her direct “Dutchness”, you’ll get the coaching you need with none of the fluff.

What You’ll Get with One-On-One Coaching:

  • 5 hours with Elisabeth Griffioen, the founder of Top of Mind Marketing
  • A unique strategy tailored to your goals and needs
  • Advice on how to increase your viewership tenfold on platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Readymade scripts that are proven to convert
  • A strategy on how to utilize video for short-term recognition and long-term reach

Your investment in working with me for 3 months on being known as an expert in your business, getting easily found by your future clients and getting confident on camera is