“I really don’t like 2022 at all so far”

it was May when I confessed this to my bff  – whom I’ve known from my first video course long long long ago.

She didn’t really have an answer. Then again, it wasn’t a question. She  herzself thought it was ‘not too bad this year’.

But I didn’t. Not at all

Whether it was because I had suddenly become a mother to my own elderly mother around Christmas 2021. Or because I had a plan that involved an enormous amount of work. Or was it because of everything else going on in the world? Either way: I was having very little fun.

Whenever I had my nails done I wondered: can this color go with a funeral? If my phone rang I thought, “what’s wrong?”. If I woke up, “am I doing enough?”

Still, I put one foot in front of the other. Forward, forward

Organized video training after video training. Wrote lesson after lesson. Made video after video. I often enjoyed that. But sometimes I didn’t.

“Do you like 2022 already?” asked the bff in the summer. “No, nothing an” I appended back. “But it will be fine.”

Now the end of the year is in sight and I look back in amazement: this year has brought me an awful lot.

Lessons, insights, happiness. Friendship. Subscribers

Clients who also reap benefits from what I help them with. And new steps that I didn’t see coming a year ago. Even across the border. And I see what it was, this year: growing ís not always fun.

Three lessons from my ‘stupid’ 2022:


You don’t have to be in the right mood to make videos that help you get new clients and reach. You can do it even when you’re sad or stressed. Video is not a look-at-my-perfect-ness show. It’s about your message, and not at all about you.


A good idea can become a reality if you just start and foolishly put one foot in front of the other. Brick by brick, you also build a house.


Everything on the Internet seems fake these days, and with the advent of free a.i., that’s not getting any less. We like it (convenient! Free!) and at the same time it is an impoverishment. Because ANYONE KNOWS THAT YOU CAN LET A.I. WRITE YOUR BLOGS AND ARTICLES. So who still feels like reading a text anymore? Not me. And who still wants to watch a video of a  human being that has been filtered into a plastic puppet?

And: what can you still trust? Good news: you!

Real people like you. With their own voice, knowledge and experience. People who believe that they are allowed to be there and that they have something valuable to say.

Your own face on camera and your own voice in the microphone. With that, you build the trust needed to choose you. So video is more important than ever. But without a filter. After all, you are good-looking enough for that. Everyone is.

And lesson 3B:

It is healthy for your self-esteem to see and hear yourself. If you have low self-esteem and make a video anyway, when you look back at your recordings, you can only come to one conclusion: “there’s just a human being sitting there talking about something she knows about”.  She has every right to do so.

What did you learn in 2022? Please share it with us through the comments. Thanks in advance.


My mother, very slowly, miraculously re-established herself. She took back the control of her life that had been so bluntly placed in my hands. I breathed out. And I got to work. I began to lay “my egg”: a new training course that could truly make any entrepreneur top of mind.

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