About 10 years ago, I discover something amazing

Through a video in which I briefly talk about the power of video, supplemented with some additional images, I become “that videographer with that video of the hammock” to hundreds of people in no time. It’s not a perfect video. I had a construction light and an old camera. I couldn’t present, let alone act. The whole clip is less than 2 minutes long.

(The whole movie is lower on this page, because this is just a nice gif)

I’m not pretty, not thin or smooth

There is, however, something I ‘m an expert in. And that turns out to be enough to be noticed by new clients. And not only has everyone who hires me as a videographer seen that video (it was on my website), they show it to others. Who then also become my new clients.

Whereas for my clients I pulled out all the stops in terms of technique and effects, the video I made for myself turned out to be the most successful. 77% of the people who saw it downloaded a free e-book and started following my weekly blogs and videos.

If I had continued posting weekly videos online right then as I do now, there would be a picture here now of a laptop on a beach bed by a pool. But here you see me making a video. Love that too 🙂

I made that first one in a panic

You can’t see it because I’m smiling in the picture but I was at my wit’s end. I had just become self-employed. Mother of a very active toddler. Shy. Tired to death.
With an empty agenda.

Because my other work, in television, I can’t do that anymore, except for some low-paying boring jobs. To work in television, as I did for 10 years, you have to be able to be anywhere in the world at all hours. I only take care of my son who I have to pick up at 6 p.m. anyway, at the daycare center.

Directing for television looks cool. But you never know when you’ll get home. Because the program comes first.

Here I was at Lago di Garda in Italy. Still far when you have to be home by 6 p.m.

As a brand new entrepreneur, I am doing marketing – just the way I am taught to

I blog, I post, I Tweet, I do webinars. I get followers, readers, fans. lots of comments. People know who I am, sure. But that’s where it stops.

Until that video

An idea I copied from Marie Forleo: she posts a new video every week answering a question someone asked her. Simple, fresh and useful. I’m trying that too, I think. And I do.

In each video, I share a simple tip about video marketing

I still don’t consider myself goodlooking or smooth. But I prepare well and provide variety of sound and imagea.

What doesn’t happen with text, not with photo, does happen through my videos: people feel free to contact me and ask for my help making videos. “I already know you” they say.

Thanks heavens, I think, then I don’t have to pitch.

Sometimes they don’t even know how they find me. They run into me, online. The video stands out: it is more than a talking head. And what I tell them, that’s exactly what they want to know.

What I do is break down my knowledge into short clear videos where I do a little more than just talk to the camera

My Youtube channel is growing every day and my social media followers recommend me to others within their own network. As a result, I can finally choose again: I am in charge of what I do, when and with whom. And be there for my son.

The brutal honesty of video is also its strength: it is real, it feels like meeting someone

I went from struggling to convince entrepreneurs to work with me to a lot of reach thanks to short, varied videos, so that my future clients come to me right away when they need help. And the cool thing is: anyone can do this! Even if you’re not smooth, slim or successful.

All you have to do is stop thinking you can do this on your own

Once you let go of that belief you’ll notice that you can learn to do this very quickly. Not a matter of courage, but of having love for your craft, empathy for your client and a desire to grow.

Therefore, and only for this reason, I decided to share that video from back then 1 more time. I almost couldn’t find it, because by now everything has changed with me, everything except the core of this video: it works – so that you take just one step more than filming a talking head.

And that’s what I do for you:

I help professionals who have started for themselves after a career in the corporate world make the change from stressing about whether they’ll get enough assignments to being easily found on the Internet and social media with their skills, personality and expertise, so they can do the work they enjoy most with the clients that suit them best.

Now do you really really really want to see that video? Here it is:


the e-book I’m offering you no longer exists. And neither does that thing about “what to wear on camera” anymore. And with a logo in the picture, I wouldn’t start again either.

And how I help you, that’s changed too. So take a look through it and note the power of the hammock image:

So again: please do not ask for the e-book, or the other thing. Because this is just an example of a simple video. A video that works.

Do you want my book –  for free? click the button and you shall have it: