“I film everything with my iPhone these days”. My dentist is talking to me. I can’t argue with that for a moment. Well, “wwraaawh.” I’m flat on my back in the chair with my mouth open. And he’s got a drill in his hand.

I do think this: “Glad I don’t have to see your videos. Likely to be boring. And incomprehensable.’

You probably know better – that’s why you are here

Right here on this page I am giving you a list of handy, not so expensive equipment you need to give the video’s you make with you smartphone just that little bit of extra quality they need to attract viewers and keep them watching.

Because the technical side is not something to be skipped: and it’s easy, if you have the right stuff.

What do you need to make a good enough video for your business with your smartphone?

Let’s start with sound: use a microphone that you plug into your phone

These microphones cheap and easy to use and also: essential!

Your viewers love to watch video’s, but they absolutely hate straining their ears to hear what you say. They hate it so much they will stop watching. And really: you’d do the same if you have to decipher a story between sounds of mopeds, coffeemakers and echo-ey rooms.

The distance between a mouth and a microphone must be SHORT – 60 cm at the most. A lavalier microphone is and ideal solution.

For a mere €15 you’ve got a great deal with the brand Boya. (I’m really impressed with their price-quality ratio).

This microphone is their basic model:

It has is ‘mini-jack’-plug, something that cannot be connected to most smartphones now, but there is more than one solution for that.

Like a connector. Cheap and fast:

1. This one is for Androids using USB-c (around $7):Please check if the brand of your smartphone has these on offer because those are most likely to work for your phone.

2. This one is voor iPhones and iPads ($10):

No need to check with this one.

If you want no hassle with connectors and don’t mind spending more, check these:

1. Boya microphone with a lightning plug already on it: (around $40)

2. Boya microphone with a USB-c plug already on it: (around $40)

Can we lose the cables? Yes but it will cost you

The Boya mikes all come with a long cable, up to 6 meters! Lovely because even from a distance to the camera, you’ll alway have great sound. But then, that cable easily gets tangled and the detangling can be an irritating and time consuming job. So much that some are more than willing to invest in wireless sound.

That does not come as cheap as the Boya mikes… If you want good sound quality, you’ll need to invest. Yes there are cheaper options, but nothing is as good as the Rode Wireless Go II.

This is the perfect wireless sound combination:

I use the Rode Wireless Go II Single, in combination with a lavalier microphone, because using one of the little boxes as a microphone is not ideal: too heavy and conspicious.This Rode Lavalier Go gives you great sound and is sturdy and dependable:

Want to use this combination on your smartphone? Then you need one extra adapter: the Rode SC4 transforms the signal so it can be recorded with a smartphone.

Warning: if you do not use this connector you can only is the Rode Wireless Go II with a regular video-camera!!

And what about stability?

Need some of that too. Us, being living, breeding people, we need something to make steady picture.

A tripod, or a selfie stick, or even something more fancy (although you do not really need that):

Try a selfiestick with feet!

Perfect for filming dynamic video’s, but also if you stand still of sit at your table: this little friend helps you make video’s with a steady hand (nice for your viewers so they won’t get sick). This dependable selfiestick helps you make vertical as well as horizontal videos.

And if you never walk while filming, just use this simple tripod for photography:

With this, you do need a mount for your smartphone, easy to attach with the universal fastener:

And if you use your iPad of tablet for film filming, you need a bigger mount, like this one:

More stability? Yes, possible for sure, but do you really need it?

Many many people love those stabilizers. They’ve bought one. It’s in their closet. Gathering dust. Why do the love it?

Because it enables you to make really cinematic quality video’s – with your smartphone. Everyone want that. But to use these, that’s something else. It has to be charged (and you always forget to do that) and than: it does not work if you film yourself.

This thing is too heavy to put on a selfiestick and your arm is too short to make a decent image if you hold it in your hand.

But if you film other people, this thing is great!

I’d love to film with a great camera!

Yes, me too! Even though the camera on your smartphone is excellent quality, a ‘real’ camera gives a slightly better image quality, but more over: it is better at handling bad light situations and faster and more accurate with focus.

And if someone rings you, it does not interrupt the video shoot.

I totally LOVE this Sony ZV-1, a so called ‘vlogging camera’ with a convertible screen and a feature that makes you look about 5 years younger:

You can connect the Rode Wireless Go II to it easily. If you want to use your Boya Microphone with this one, you need this extra connector, the Rode SC3:The Sony ZV1 can be easily connected on the selfiestick or any tripod.

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What about light?

Really, the sun is such a great, beautiful and free(!) source of light that you often do not need any extra light fixtures.

But… if you need to shoot a video in a specific place with poor light, or on a moment with poor light (like an early morning in january, blegh) you can add some light.

Preferably a lamp that gives the color of daylight, so it matches the, well, daylight.

A great way to add some light to a Zoom call, webinar or a video-shoot is the Logitech Litra Glow, a handy light (check this video where I give a demo). 

It is just a small light: if you have no other light at all, and it’s dark outside, this one is not enough. You might need more:

I like this little lamp a lot too:

See how this works:

You will need a tripod for this too:

Need even more?

Yes you do, when it’s dark out, and you need to shoot video, one light is never enough. In that case, try a set with a least 2 lamps. Like this one:

Two lights – often enough, but I would opt for a third, for great lighting even on a dark day in a dark spot. So combine the lights mentioned above!

Did this help you?

Let me know.

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Which of th equipment mentioned above works for you? Let me know if you have any questions!

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Need a great script for your video?

This book gives you 7 scripts for video’s that will impress your viewers and make them click the subscribe button fast.

The book is for sale on Amazon, but I will give to you for free! Just click right here: