It takes too long to make a video

“How long does that actually take you to make a video?”

That’s what people say to me. Because they think it can’t be done quickly.

I can well imagine that you find that you spend too much time on marketing and especially if you make videos. This can have 2 causes: you are making the wrong videos. Or you make them in the wrong way. I have a solution that will save ( or kill) 2 birds with one stone: a roadmap.

Watch this:

Download your pdf with the 5 steps here – so you can always keep it handy when you think of and make a new video.


What I say in the video:

“It takes me hours to make a video for my marketing! I really don’t have time for that!”

That’s what Lucy told me. Are you spending way too much time recording marketing video’s when you have much more to do? In this video I tell you how to avoid spending hours – and still make a video that your future client wants to see.

I’m Elisabeth from Top of Mind Video marketing. In a world full of invisible entrepreneurs, your own smartphone is enough to give yourself a stage – right in front of the people you want to reach.

When you make a video it’s hard to stop. Filming and editing can take forever. Adding some music, text in the image, maybe some creative transitions. Before you know it its 2 a.m. and you’re still busy! It seems like your video is never ready to publish. If you recognize this then I am here to tell you that. this has to change.

It is ok if making a video takes more time than writing a text – it will  also have way more impact

But you, like others, have more to do. So if you spend a whole day making 1 video then it’s time to make your videos in a different way.

I will tell you how, in 5 simple steps:

  1. For each video you make, write a short script – in it you write what you roughly want to say.
  2. When writing your script, imagine that you are talking to people who would like to know what you have to say – but they are busy, so make sure you to tell your viewers up front why they should watch.
  3. Read your script out loud a few times before recording
  4. Stop playing TV presenter-your job is to be yourself in front of the camera as much as possible.
  5. Record your video in chunks, not all at once, and put the chunks together in an editing app.


This may sound like a lot of work – and yet, in this way you can make an excellent video in an hour. And it feels much better than the spontaneous blathering you see a lot. If you do that, you’ll be afraid of being criticized for your video. Or you never even post that video online at all.

Take the 5 steps, and if by now you have already forgotten which they are, download them

through this link , print them out and start making more quick video’s. My students do this and they make great video’s really fast.



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