About 10 years ago I discover something amazing

Through a video in which I briefly talk about the power of video, supplemented with some additional images, I become “that videographer with that clip of the hammock” to hundreds of people in no time.

It’s not a perfect video

I had light from a construction lamp and an old camera. I can’t present, let alone act. The whole video is only 2 minutes long.

I’m not pretty, thin or savvy. There is, however, something I know a lot about. And that is enough

Not only has everyone who hires me as a videographer seen that clip (it was on my website), they show it to others. Who then also become my new clients.

Whereas for my clients I pulled out all the stops in terms of technique and effects, the video I made for myself turned out to be the most successful. 77% of the people who saw it downloaded a free e-book and started following my weekly blogs and videos. If I had continued to make weekly videos online as I do now, there would have been a picture of a laptop on a beach bed by a pool. And not a laptop, but a nice book.


I made that first, single movie in a moment of panic

You can’t see it, because I’m smiling, but I was at my wit’s end. I had just become self-employed. Mother of a very active toddler. Shy. Tired to death. With an empty agenda. Because my other job, in television, I can’t do that anymore, except for some low-paying boring jobs. Work in television, as I did for 10 years, for that you have to be able to be anywhere in the world at all hours. I only take care of my son who I have to pick up at 6 p.m. anyway, at the daycare center.

As a brand-new entrepreneur I work on marketing – exactly as I was taught

I am garnering appreciation, lots of comments and followers. People know who I am, that’s for sure. But that’s where it stops. Until that little movie. An idea I copied from Marie Forleo: she posts a new video every week answering a question someone asked her. Simple, fresh and useful. I’ll try that too, I think.

And I’m going to make videos. In each video, I share a simple tip about making videos

I still don’t consider myself handsome or smooth. But I prepare well and make sure I have variety in images. What doesn’t happen with text, not with photo, does happen through my videos: no one feels hesitation anymore to contact me and ask me to help them. “I already know you” they say.

Good thing, I think, then I don’t have to pitch.

When I switched my marketing strategy from attending networking meetings and blogging to posting short, alternate videos sharing my knowledge, I felt liberated. I don’t have to chase clients. They find me.

And all I have to do is break down my knowledge into short clear videos where I do just a little more than just talk into the camera. My Youtube channel is growing every day and my followers on social media recommend me to others within their own network. As a result, I can finally choose again: I am in charge of what I do, when and with whom. And being there for my son.

The honesty of video is also its strength: it’s real, it feels like meeting someone in real life

And that contact – that’s the start of trust and a wonderful collaboration.

I went from struggling to convince entrepreneurs to work with me to a lot of reach thanks to short, varied videos, so that my future clients already know me and immediately choose to come to me when they need help.

I have continually developed my strategy for reaching people in your target audience with smart, fresh and useful videos. As a result, I reach exactly the people I like to work with. You, for example. Videos that are both simple and smart are not made by themselves. The 20 years I’ve spent learning how to attract and captivate viewers on TV and the Internet will help you get your company discovered by your future customers in no time.

Do you recognize this?

You are a self-employed coach, trainer, or consultant. You once worked in a corporate job.  You were moving up in the organization, but you didn’t want to stay. You saw too many flaws in communication and company culture and that’s where your purpose lies. You use your experience and education to make teams and companies function smoothly. You are smart think on your feet, and you have a good sense of what is needed.


What’s bothering you?

What is not so great is that you often don’t know where your next assignment will come from. You know that visibility and marketing are important, but when you tackle it just as you “should” it feels cheap and superficial. Still, you want to do something with marketing: you want to share your knowledge and insights and thus inspire people.

You know exactly where you want to work and with whom, but you often end up somewhere else. Then you say yes because there is also money to be made. You get distracted from work a lot, because they also need you at home. Your children are big enough to manage themselves, but you still must help at the craziest times, give advice and it seems like you are the only one at home who really feels responsible for the household.

What you also don’t like is that you are by no means the only self-employed middle-aged female coach/trainer. Clients don’t always see the difference either, even though you have a very specific mission and vision.

You would want organizations to come to you for your help – but to do that you have to stand out. And blowing yourself up, as you see business coaches do on FB and Instagram, you don’t like that.

You don’t like to brag – but you take pride in the quality you deliver.

You make good money, but it’s not enough so that in case your spouse’s income drops you can be the breadwinner. You resent that.

You do marketing but can’t find the right tone

You see other people’s videos and you try that too, it should be fun, but you feel uncomfortable and boastful. Why do others succeed, and you don’t? It’s not your effort. But you get tired of always having to post just to be seen. For you, marketing is best when you can do it from inspiration and feeling and not because you must.

You need a way to be consistently visible online – to make sure you are found by the organizations looking for someone like you, without feeling like you have to run after them.

Authority is a reason people choose you – AND people should already know who they are dealing with – because we choose who we know

Therefore, you must first determine what the most important message is that sets you apart from all the other coaches and trainers. It comes from your toes: you know exactly what you want to improve in the world and in your field. What matters now is that you start sharing your knowledge and experience – in well dosed, attractive pieces so that you have an online presence – with the feeling that you really are of value and sometimes an inspiration. Your online presence will be appreciated and: even when you are busy with completely different things, at home with your family for example, you will be found by prospective clients.

Your online presence not only makes it clear that you have a lot of knowledge and experience, but your contribution also stands out because of the way you tell your story, with images and sound and so attractive that people look forward to your new post or newsletter. A

nd when they speak to someone who could use your help, they mention your name – because they know you offer quality. Even if they’ve never met you in real life. Your name is known (and top of mind) to people you yourself don’t know at all.

You use the power of video to no longer have to peddle, pitch and brag

And to no longer need to explain what you do everywhere and all the time. At least that way you get to do your work. And if you have a great idea or you are with an enthusiastic client, you immediately grab your phone and you record a video. But only if you feel like it.

Want to talk further? Contact me, I’ll react asap.